Harry Belafonte : Day O

Harry Belafonte : Jamaica Farewell

Louise Bennett : Day Dah Light (Day O)
Hubert Porter : Not Me (Man Smart (Woman Smarter))
Ben Bowers with The Baba Motta Orchestra : Brown Skin Girl

Louise Bennett : Hosanna
Hubert Porter : Iron Bar/Mas Charley Bell (Jamaica Farewell)
Lord Flea : Solas Market/Water Come a Mi Eye (Come Back Liza)
Lord Flea : Donkey Bray (The Jack Ass Song)
Count Lasher’s Seven : Mango Time
The Wrigglers (feat. Ernest Ranglin) : Don’t Touch Me Tomato

The Wrigglers (feat. Ernest Ranglin) : Calypso Medley: Solas
Market/Water Come a Mi Eye
Lord Fly with the Dan Williams Orchestra : Donkey City